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Gaurav Wadekar is a writer from India. He has worked in various roles in information technology and the financial services industry. Gaurav has worked with a variety of people across the world, and his experiences have taught him the nuances of understanding, comprehending, and integrating with other cultures. Apart from working full time, he also runs his advisory firm which predominantly helps immigrants integrate into new environments. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Read More...


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Diney the Bee

Books by Zoe Wadekar

This story is about a bee named Diney. She was a fun loving and a curious bee. One day she found something interesting that changed her life. Find out what happened with Diney that day, in this interesting story!

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The Crystal Ball

Books by Zara Wadekar

This story is about a little girl whose name is Lizzy. She finds a crystal ball. She wants to keep it, but should she? Read on to find out about what happens next!

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An Immigrant’s Guide to Integration

Books by Gaurav Wadekar

If you’re thinking about migrating to Australia, this is a guide that will help you decide if you want to move in the first place and if you do decide, and then prepare you for the move mentally and psychologically and also help you plot your career path. Gaurav Wadekar has migrated to countries such as Australia and the U.S. His experiences have put him in a unique position to understand the challenges faced by immigrants.

In these pages, you will fin

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