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Girish Patel

Girish Patel, seasoned veteran, an innovator in the world of life insurance profession, and is instrumental in defining this space that is now defining many aspects of the growing agency channel as growth booster in the industry...& The author of "One More call" Book on Life Insurance selling - Motivational Speaker on Marketing - Life Goal - Retirement    20,000+ clients across globe secured his position in top performers in the industry and well acknowledged in the book ‘The Indian Millionaire Next Door’ by Kanika Mishra. He has turned things around with proactive approach when the indRead More...

The World of Life Goals

Books by Girish Patel

‘The World of Life Goals’ is a diary that is unique in itself. It is a comprehensive and useful instrument that will help you keep and manage all your records in one place. You will nowhere find such a distinctive diary that is just made for you. In this diary, you can keep your past, present and future details related to your life, health and wealth (assets and liabilities). This diary allows you to keep records of your personal information, family detail

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वन मोर इंनिंग्स

Books by गिरिश पटेल

— बचत से संबंधित — ‘‘उसकी बचत ना करें जो व्यय करने के बाद बचा है अपितु व्यय करने के बाद जो शेष है उसे  व्यय करें।’’

— निवेश से संबंधित — ‘’ अपने सारे अंडे एक ही डब्बे में न डालें।’

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One More Innings

Books by Girish Patel

One More Innings: Retire Rich & Early

Build An Empire - Leave A Legacy

The mantra of retirement planning… 

Changes is the only constant. Nothing is certain. 

On earning: “Never depend on a single income. Invest to create a second source.”

On spending: “If you buy things you don't need, you will soon sell things you need.” 

On saving: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after

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एक और कॉल

Books by गिरीश पटेल

मुख्य बिंदु:

1. कार्य करने के लिये आईडियाज़ हमारे चारों तरफ है। बस भूख होनी चाहिये। 

2. नये लोगों से मिलते रहना ही इस व्यवसाय की सबसे बड़ी रणनीति है। 

3. लोगों से मिल

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One More Call

Books by Girish Patel

Key points

Ideas are around us to work on. What is needed is the hunger to work and succeed.

The biggest strategy of this business is to keep meeting new people regularly.

Most people don’t grow because of the fear or hesitation of meeting new people. No book or training can help you overcome this fear. You need to overcome it on your own.

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