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Hemangi Sarode-Prasad

A psychologist by profession, a writer by hobby and a mother by love, is how Hemangi Sarode-Prasad describes herself.

With a master’s degree in psychology and a full-time job as a School Counselor for the prestigious D.A.V. Public School, New Panvel, she has her hands full professionally. Writing gives her creativity a flight and this book is her mark of gratitude towards all the individuals she has counselled over the years.

Hemangi lives in Navi Mumbai with her parents and teenage son Hirnay. She fondly calls them ‘The forceful wind beneath my wings’, for having ‘bullied’ her into writing her first book, which otherwise would have simply been kept locked in her closet as ruminations in her daily diary.


You have Me for Company…

Books by Hemangi Sarode-Prasad

Self-help books guide you to make lemonade when life throws lemons at you. But do they really give you a step-by-step recipe of the same?

When a psychologist summarises the numerous interesting stories that she has witnessed in her therapy chamber, the result is one such book that promises you a refreshingly new perspective of looking at failure and loss.

Containing lyrical accounts of people who’ve made it against all odds, this book is an ecl

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