Himika Ganguly

Himika Ganguly is a marketing and communications professional who has done extensive work in the fields of brand building, content writing, events management, social media management and public relations for organizations that are leaders in their respective sectors. However, writing is her most important forte, thanks to her upbringing that helped inculcate the love of reading and a prior stint with a broadcasting channel where she was an integral part of the creative team. The Great Indian Matrimonial Tamasha is Himika’s first published work and undoubtedly closest to her heart. Along with that, she is finishing two more novels and gearing up to put them for public viewing soon. Himika is also a visiting faculty in management colleges. You can follow Himika on Twitter @himika1711 and at www.facebook.com/himika.ganguly on Facebook. Alternatively you can get in touch with her on himi.1711@gmail.com. Read More...

The Great Indian Matrimonial Tamasha

Books by Himika Ganguly

She looked at her watch for the sixth time and prayed silently for the eighth time. Ten minutes to call it an hour.

Her mother wouldn’t go to sleep happily tonight. Her father would once again get sandwiched in a nasty debate between the two most important women in his life.But then again, such is living.


Welcome to the life of Ms Bengal Rani who has set out on one of the most arduous tasks of her life, which is

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