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Jagdish Chandra

A restless educator and a dilettante intellectual, Jagdish’s most distinct involvement was in running an experimental school as its founder principal. Keenly embedded in the integral nature of all learning which, he believes, flourishes only in the community, Jagdish’s philosophical stance stems from how everything we know and learn is logically inconclusive. That explains his colleagues’ perplexity when he stares at history in the teaching of math and subjectivity in elaborating concepts of science. Having worked in several organisations as their learning consultant, Jagdish’s educational background is in teaching, sciences and literature. A ruminating philosophical dandy, Jagdish is a prolific journal-keeper, which has developed into his numerous writings and workshops. His forthcoming books include Bagawathgeeta on Your Worktable, Schools at Work, Upakhyana: Subtle Stories of Life and Parenting: 10 Lessons.


Buddha, The CEO

Books by Jagdish Chandra

There are two ways of looking at performance—the commonsensical and the classical. While the former is more prevalent, it’s the latter that provides the cutting edge to extraordinary performance. Buddha represents such classicism and is a metaphor for superlative performance. In this refreshing look at the Buddha as a CEO, what one encounters is an extraordinary intellectual journey traversing the landscape of the esoteric within the realm of business and

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