Jagdish Joghee

Born and brought up in the beautiful hill town of Coonoor in the Nilgiris, Jagdish Joghee has always been attracted to the hills and the forests. This serenity inspired him to write short poems during school. He now lives in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu where he works for a leading global IT services company. Jagdish has worked in some of the top IT companies in India, which required him to travel to some of the major cities in the country and overseas too. Jagdish is an active blogger and writes on issues that have a social impact. This is his third attempt at fiction after his first two books, In Love and Free and The Colour of Love.


A Stranger by the Stream

Books by Jagdish Joghee

A terrible childhood, a tragic love story and a bitter legal battle. Abhimanyu Arjunan has seen it all. True to his namesake, his life is encircled with a chakra vyuka which he struggles to crack.

A lonely childhood is crippled with a sexual abuse. Two years of mental trauma leaves his life devastated. His only solace is the beautiful stream he frequents.

Once at college, his life changes with amazing friends and a whirlwind romance with Ritvika. Just when Abhimanyu believes this is nature’s way of paying him back for his terrible childhood, life throws him a curveball.

Years pass by, he marries Seeya, a charming software engineer. Yet, Abhimanyu finds it difficult to accommodate another girl in his life.

Will the clouds clear from Abhimanyu’s head to move on in life? Even if he can’t forget Ritvika, will a part of his heart beat for Seeya? Is he afraid that life will throw him another curveball? We always go after love, does it happen that sometimes, love finds you unexpectedly?

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The Colour of Love

Books by Jagdish Joghee

Sarfaraz is brought up with a good value system by his devoted parents. With time, curiosity and adolescent growth pangs take him through many experiences. His first brush with girls starts with a friend, and slowly meanders into casual flirtatious affairs with girls at college.

All through it, he realises that none of them have his undying, true love. A time comes when he realises who he truly loves, and in the midst of it all, he handles brutal enmity and takes on vile characters that misbehave with his friends.

Sarfaraz grows up in Coimbatore where a series of bomb blasts occur. His identity is called in question, as his status as a Muslim makes people see him as an enemy. He loses something precious in the blasts and leaves to Sharjah, only for life to find him and surprise him.

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In Love and Free

Books by Jagdish Joghee

Shruthi has everything going in her life with great education, incredible romance, a wonderful husband, and two adorable kids. There is plenty of laughter, joy, and love in the cosy nest that Shruthi has carefully built.

All is well till that fateful Diwali day when passion gets the better of reason. One momentary lapse threatens to uproot the entire foundation of her beautiful life. The stakes are too high as Shruthi runs the risk of being abandoned by her husband and losing her children too.

And there is no one to blame but herself.

Caught in a cesspool of blackmail, ransom, revenge and remorse, Shruthi is on the brink of collapse. She can run but cannot hide.

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