Deemed caring, confident, entertaining and passionately curious by those closest to her, Jashan

Singh, aged 17, is not your typical high school student who’s known for her keen interest in

anything that fuels her drive for creativity. Her penchant for experimenting with her abilities to

explore the unknown began when she wrote her very first poem, titled “My Mommy Gave Birth To

Me”-which was published in a local magazine. This triggered Jashan to take up writing seriously

and has since been the author of her very own blog, Equipoise. Always pushing herself to try new

things, Jashan has recorded many YouTube videos, speaking about things that are dear to her

heart. In fact, it is her keen interest in bringing about a positive change in peoples’ lives that has

inspired her to write this book-and knowing her, and her ever-growing desire to continue pursuing

her interest in motivational speaking and writing is what constantly ensures her peers that there’s


definitely going to be more books coming out real soon!


A Teenager’s Ultimate Guide To Success

Books by Jashan Singh

Are you tired of not getting what you want and are desperately looking for a way to turn this

around? Are you finally looking to change your life and create the life of your dreams? Do you want

to be in a better place than what you are currently in? If your answer to any of those questions is a

‘yes’, then this book is for you, my friend!

A Teenager’s Ultimate Guide to Success offers precisely thought-thr

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