Jason Samuel

Born and raised in Jharkhand, Jason Samuel is a software engineer by profession and an author by choice. A fun loving and adventurous person, he loves travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and food. He is a self-confessed Internet addict and you will rarely find him without his phone at an arm’s length constantly feeding this obsession. The Ultimate Choice, his debut novel, is a romantic suspense story that composed itself in his head on a long soul-soothing bike ride, and contains interesting incidents of friendship and love inspired by his own life. Jason presently lives in Chennai; he enjoys cooking occasionally and finds his passion for writing to be therapeutic. Visit www.facebook.com/TheUltimateChoiceBook to know more about him and his book.

The Ultimate Choice

Books by Jason Samuel

A city plagued by murder.

A love fighting against all odds.

A man who stands to lose everything.

Varun Malhotra thought he had the perfect life — a fulfilling job, a highly supportive group of friends and a beautiful, loving girlfriend.

But one unfortunate accident changed the course of his life and sent it spiraling out of control.

The unexpected entry of a charming and mysterious girl - with a hidden and far-reaching agenda - wasn’t going to make things any easier for him.

Set against the backdrop of a series of bizarre murders, the story follows Varun and the people he holds dear, navigating the maze of life, while struggling to make crucial choices and also trying not to get themselves killed.

What starts off as a journey of rediscovery sprinkled with life altering romances and heartwarming friendships soon turns into an enigma riddled with deep-rooted mysteries. Quickly running out of options, Varun finds himself pitted against time when he is forced to make The Ultimate Choice, a choice that is likely to cost him his life, but one that could possibly win him his one true love.

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