Jasper was born and raised in one of Delhi’s most notorious areas, in close proximity to criminals; enabling him to have intricate insights into the world of criminals and crime. As he grew up, he came across a lot of criminals with various backgrounds hailing from almost all parts of north India. Some were friends and some foes. Everyone had their own unique stories to tell. This story is Jasper’s attempt to capture some of his personal experiences and translate them into a piece of fiction to entertain his readers. He had written the synopsis of this story almost six years ago but he never had the inclination to write the complete story because of his hectic work schedule….till his wife and children really egged him on to finally finish it. Thus, this book qualifies to be the consequence of the direct nagging of the ‘wife and the kids’ and therefore dedicated to them. It seems as if it was destiny that made him switch his graduation course from Commerce to English Literature as today that very choice of his course has played a pivotal role in evolving and embellishing his writing ability.

And He Wanted Me Dead

Books by Jasper

And He Wanted Me Dead….is an intriguing crime and suspense thriller, wherein inspector Raj is an honest, hardened and hardworking cop. His dedication toward his profession and duty is outstanding….his career record unblemished….until now!

His entire reputation is at stake when he is called in to investigate an accident. What looks like a road accident….is it really a mere accident or is there something more ghastly to it? The more the inspector digs deeper to unravel the truth, the more flummoxed he becomes. Even though his investigation is impeccable yet his frustrations rise sky high as it heads nowhere but straight into dead ends every time he thinks he has a solid lead. His personal life is already in shambles and now his professional life is also crumbling right in front of his eyes because of this case and a series of other killings which occur in his jurisdiction.

Will he be able to solve these mysteries? Will he be able to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice? Will he be able to keep his reputation of a brilliant investigating officer intact?

Discover the answers to all these queries in this fast paced crime thriller. A story of loyalty, friendship and deception….

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