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Jocelyn Tambatamba

Jocelyn Mukabo Tambatamba is the wife of Senior Pastor Evaristo Tambatamba, co-founder of Lumwana Christian Church, Lighthouse Ministry International. Since her youth, Jocelyn’s desire was "to impact the next generation with a life that would bear fruit and fruit that would last (John 15:16)." To this end, she is as the founder of the scripture union at Mumbwa Secondary school in 1986, she started the children’s church class at Agape Christian Church in 1994 Chililabombwe, co-initiated the Kakoso Maternity Ward Adoption in 2001, co-founded the Ladies Ministries and the Sunday school class at Lumwana Christian church in 2010. Jocelyn’s burning desire to cause change has grown over the years and so spills over in the desire to see marriages that should last and bring out fruit of enjoyment as was intended by God.

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