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Kashyap Sreekumar

Kashyap Sreekumar is a 13-year-old-boy who lives in Melbourne. He’s in the 8th grade and loves to play sports as well as games. This is his first published book and he hopes to write a sequel one day. He has previously written many short stories, but this is his first time writing a full novel. His inspiration behind this book was the current issues the Earth is facing and to show what might happen if these issues are not dealt with. Kashyap also loves to read dystopias and enjoys writing them as well, hence this book.  Read More...

The Metal Era

Books by Kashyap Sreekumar

Jay, a twelve-year-old boy from the corner of Queens Street, uncovers deep secrets about the Earth and will have to step up to a new responsibility which he cannot deny. The fate of planet Earth and all his friends are in his hands. Will he be able to answer the call of destiny, or will he live in denial? Jay has no positive choice…

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