Kaushal Singh Yadav

Kaushal Singh Yadav is a new name in world of writing. He is an engineer with a deep seated love towards writing. He is interested in writing something different and that is untouched. The present book is the first step of his long journey. He introduces himself through this book to his readers. His interests lie in historical fiction. He is working on other concepts as well and hopes to bring them out soon.


Books by Kaushal Singh Yadav

History is full of countless tales of great personalities, of his adventures filling the pages. Every brave man wants to immortalize his name in the pages of history. But history is not limited to pages of paper. History existed even before writing came into being. History has seen the dawn of creation and will be there till the end. "Maybe even after the end of the human race…"

Beyond these few bits of paper, some stories survive for centuries. Some stories are never forgotten, they are kept alive from generation to generation in the hearts of the people.

One such story began centuries ago in central India; the entire area was divided into several smaller provinces which were vying to embarrass each other... It was a period of transition, the whole system broke down at the hands of the rich and indignation was born in the hearts of the general public... The entire society eventually moved towards development. During this time, a child was born who would later be the cause of many extraordinary events, which are impossible for an ordinary man. His battle prowess and strange adventures and made him the world’s greatest warrior.

People knew the great warrior as Lorik. This is the story of his love and heroism, the story of a warrior and his sword the story of brave Lorik... the story that did not get mentioned in the pages of history, but is still alive in people's hearts.

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