Kiran Sandhu

Having being engaged in intense academic preoccupations, taking her to various parts of the world in the last two decades, Kiran, with a Masters in Development and Planning from University College London and a PhD in Urban and Environmental Planning from Griffith University, Australia, decided to switch gears from academic genres to the creative realm of poetry. It was then that this piece of poetry, her first venture, was born. In months preceding the writings, what began as small encounters with the self, gradually manifested into a forage inside the larger dimensions beyond the self and perRead More...


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The Anatomy of the Lockdown - 1.0

By Kiran Sandhu in Poetry | Reads: 193 | Likes: 0

Everything felt normal as I went about with lifeThe invisible invader had come but it seemed a distant sightTill that night, a declarationfrom that one at helm of the nationBrought the skies crashing downCrushing the normalcy, put a lock around the town. Lockdown they call it, what the hell is tha  Read More...

Published on May 5,2020 03:41 PM

Tea with the Buddha

By Kiran Sandhu in Poetry | Reads: 667 | Likes: 1

It’s a beautiful starry night And the moon shines so bright As I gaze outside my bedside window Sleep descends gently as I hit the pillow Drifting into a magical world of dreams Who will I meet tonight, my soul excitedly thinks And lo behold, I see a magnificent vision a spark of his halo, hi  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 05:05 PM

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