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Raayaan Ravasia & Krishaanu Kapadia Illustrators : Keyaa Kapadia and Hrishika Shah


Krishaanu Kapadia

Krishaanu Kapadia considers himself a confident individual who is extremely enthusiastic about football, debating and he never fails to combine the two frequently advocating for Manchester United’s prowess. Apart from engaging in arguments about football, Krishaanu is extremely passionate about playing and representing his school at international tournaments and even forming his own football club with his friends. And, as you can tell, he is an avid writer and actually prefers writing books to reading them.

Raayaan Ravasia

Raayaan is a keen debater and writer and has won awards for the same in competitions around the globe.

Aside from his academic interests, Raayaan is a football enthusiast and never fails to express his love for the red half of Manchester. He has represented his school at competitions both locally and globally along with his school team. Aside from school football, he has played in multiple competitions across Mumbai along with his friends.

Born and bred in Mumbai, he frequently engages in discussions about Global Politics, Economics and Business, and never fails to add a spark of (sometimes inappropriate) humour to conversations.



Books by Krishaanu Kapadia And Raayaan Ravasia

Adolescence is the shortest yet the most important part of your life. In fact, it’s exactly like a football game. Think about it.

At kick-off, you’re nervous, unsettled and anxious to get a reading of your opposition. Sounds a bit like the first day of 6th grade, doesn't it? You’ve just turned 12, you are at the very beginning of your adolescent lives and have absolutely no idea what it entails.

However, unlike a football game, you never re

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