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Kriti Tyagi

Kriti Tyagi is a poet and the author of In the Middle of Love, a romantic anthology. A business student by day and a poet by night, she is often seen reading novels or most of the time writing pieces of her own. She is an observer and a sucker for classic romance. Living on her belief, she feels that imagination is a powerful tool that has the ability to change the world for good. If not seen writing, you could find her discussing with people about their lives and experiences. You can always connect with her on Instagram  (@_kriti_tyagi_)


Hidden Beneath You

Books by Kriti Tyagi

Hidden Beneath You is a collection of poems rendering emotions one can never say out loud…a wish that can’t be said out loud! Here are those transformed into words that were once hidden beneath you. From deep talks on sleepless nights to dancing in rhythms, here is everything you can make a connection with. Articulating about the bruises from one’s past, romances people desire, or the loneliness one tends to feel more often nowadays, the book port

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In the middle of love

Books by Kriti Tyagi

In The Middle of Love is a romantic poetry book, which talks about the intimacy between two lovers. Moments shared by two souls, which eventually become memories that one recalls are articulated in these poems. It also tells how intense this emotion ‘love’ is, and how people in love see the world and their lover, and how they express their emotions. Love can also give the dreadful pain of being separated from the other person while making promises

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