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Kumar Ravi

Kumar Ravi is a software engineer by profession and is currently working for a leading IT firm in India. Writing is his passion. Kumar graduated as an engineer from SMIT, a beautiful college in Sikkim. He is passionate about life, exploring happiness and reading human psychology. He likes to observe human character and its various colours. He adores R.K. Narayan for his unblemished writing skills and his absolute presentation of human characters. He aspires to be remembered after life for his endeavour and contribution in the field of literature. Kumar believes and tries to simplify his life with his theory, ‘Your viewpoint changes when your perception changes. We can simplify our lives and find happiness by changing our perceptions.' His book ‘The Backbench Masti-keers’ is the story of four backbenchers and their friendship. The novel takes you to the journey of your college days, incorporating the flavours of friendship, fun, love, fight, betrayal and various human emotions.

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