Born and brought up in an ethnic Kannadiga family from Bangalore, Kushal has an engineering degree and works as an IT professional, but being a free-spirited soul and a keen observer, his passion lies in nature, traveling to places, having philosophical discussions, reading political strategies and learning Indian literature and, of course, writing. He is passionate about writing on topics relating to the incidents which take place in our everyday life.


Okay! It Was My Fault is a novel based on real life incidents which anyone  in the present generation can relate to. 


Okay! It Was My Fault

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Every love story is almost the same but forever unique in its own way.

Akash is a flirty young guy who falls in love with a simple and intelligent girl, Deepa, at her sitar recital and gets close to her with the help of his best buddy, Nikita. Deepa accepts Akash upon his unique proposal, but tragedy strikes in an unexpected way and separates them against their will.

What was the reason? What happens next? Will they ever get back together again?<

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