Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav”

Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” is a living legend of forward step of Swami Vivekananda and Final step of a complete Brahm i.e Kalki Mahaavtaar of God. He was born at (Begusarai) Bihar and is a resident of (Mirzapur)  Uttar Pradesh, India.


The whole discovery and discoverer are “One in All” and “All in One” at any dimension and real spiritualism with satisfaction of material science. The whole discovery is based on realization of human society by Universal Unified Truth Theory. This is an establishment part of thoughts of Swami Vivekanand delivered at the World Religion of Parliament in 1893 at Chicago. This is not completed till date.



The author is an example of – “A civilian that present own duty for World Nation” and “A symbol of National Mind Power”. He is not only an author but also a philosopher, creator, planner, spiritual discoverer, organizer of knowledge based on scientific system etc. with worldwide establishment process according to present governing system. Based on discovery, India easily proved to be a “Master of world” in visible era for development of international cooperation, unity, peace, stability, managing real democracy, administrative, constitutions etc. because the world standard mind series can be only one.


Mein satya kashi se kalki mahavtaar bol raha hun

Books by

The Vishwshastra: The knowledge of the final knowledge, including the world religion, secular religion karmaveda: the first, final and fifth veda and World Standard (WS) of mind series by Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” for the realization and uplifting of Kaliyug to Swarnyug. Like the uplifting of Tretayug to Dwaparyug Ramayan by Valmiki was to enlighten the human society, uplifting of Dwaparyug to Kaliyug Mahabharat by Maharshi Vyas was to enlighten the hum

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