Les Rodrigues

Les is passionate about his work as a father, a speaker, a community leader and Professional Instigator…it’s contagious! As a father of 3, he took pride in his full-time role as a 24/7 chauffeur, crisis manager and food supplier and is ashamed to admit he loved every minute of it. Over the past 40 years, he has worked in the facilities management and procurement sectors, but his passion lies in serving the community. He believes in performance, not titles, that serving others prolongs life, and laughter enhances its quality, and that many are needed, but one can make a difference.Read More...


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Books by Les Rodrigues

“I really enjoyed the book because I could relate to the experiences in it with my own personal ones. I also like how you bring to light issues that can make the reader contemplate society and their own life choices...does wealth define success and happiness? How did society get this way? How do we begin our own spiritual journey to the path of enlightenment? All questions that your book helps a reader think about. You mention in your book that ignorance dic

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