Lincy Ann Mathew

Editor by profession and writer by passion
Editor by profession and writer by passion

Lincy Ann Mathew, a postgrad in English Literature, hails from Kerala and is a copyeditor by profession. She has a deep passion for art, language, literature, history, culture, and religion. She has published a few poems and motivational articles. The Muse and the Moon is her debut novel. Lincy lives in Chennai with her family.Read More...


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Books by Lincy Ann Mathew

Until my ashes house in the prettiest urn
In the backyard of your heart
From where I can still see you
All the way through
And bask in the light of your thousand suns.

Like a potpourri of varied flowers, Petals is a hand-picked mélange of 50 poems, each painted with a distinct shade of love and life – the bloom, the wither, the amour, the pangs, the ashes, the resurrection. The verses ooze straight from

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The Lad and the Unicorn

Books by Lincy Ann Mathew

“Well, you are a unicorn, Hazel. You are magical! You could do anything.”

“I’d be rather magnanimous than magical, Leon.”

 One moonlit night in the pristine hamlet of Imenoi, a little lonely lad, Leon, is enthralled by the visitation of his favourite story character, the fabulous Hazel the Unicorn. She takes him for an adventurous ride to distant worlds, where they meet her interesting pals. Leon learns from them, helps them, is awestr

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The Muse and the Moon

Books by Lincy Ann Mathew

“You make love to me as if I'm the fairest of my kind.”

“Looks trigger just one-night stands …”

“Aha! So what triggers the mating of the souls?”

“Thoughts, words, taste, sometimes just the eyes that convey it all!”

Decades into her life, Anagha seems to have finally found love like never before. She feels complete the very first moment she glances upon Rudran, as if it were the end of an endless search over births

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