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This book covers the teachings of a sixth century religious leader, whose followers constitute the second largest religious group in the world in the present age. The book is set as a first person narrative, where the Prophet quotes his own words, and offers the rationale for many of the guidelines in the times when they were delivered, as also their validity in the present times. Many of those preachings which were very relevant to usher in much needed socio-cultural changes in the desert tribes of those ancient times, may seem to be archaic and out of place today, when the world and society have seen much advancement and achieved scientific and technological progress. And yet, since they are believed to be the words of God, delivered through His chosen messenger, the believers are in a constant intellectual crisis, as they are unable to give them up totally, nor are they able to accept them totally in the present context. It is this dilemma that is the thread running through the book, where many of the guidelines are compared with guidelines on the same subjects contained in ancient scriptures from other world religions, most of which are more ancient than these sixth century teachings. The reader is invited to read, analyse and draw his own conclusions about these myriad topics which continue to interest and stimulate human curiosity and the quest for truth through all ages. ...

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