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Manish Lath and Mukesh Kumar Agrawal

The authors Manish and Mukesh were born and brought up in Bargarh, a western district of Odisha, India. Both of them passed their professional courses in the year 2000. Manish qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Mukesh as a B.Tech. Since then both of them have engaged to achieve their financial freedom. Manish is interested in exploring the last island of the world, i.e., mind; however, his hobbies are philosophy and travelling. Mukesh also loves travelling and learning. This is their first book. Presently, Manish lives in Odisha and Mukesh is settled in Pune.

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Financial Freedom

Books by Manish Lath And Mukesh Kumar Agrawal

The primary objective of the book is to create awareness and leave an impression on the mind of the reader on the importance of wealth creation and financial freedom. One can become financially free in coming time if the principles illustrated in the book are used consistently. The authors expect that after complete reading of this book, the reader’s mind will be directed towards the single goal of financial freedom, leaving all other trivial consideration w

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