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Manisha Mathews

Manisha Mathews is a publishing professional whose love for telling stories far surpasses her capability of writing them. She lives in Delhi and often reminisces of her carefree, small-town days. When she is not earning her living by reading other people’s manuscripts, she is working on her PhD thesis, reading books written by others and marvelling at the creative minds of those authors.Read More...

Manu and Mia

Books by Manisha Mathews

Childhood is an exciting phase of life. From thinking of the small, constricted space in the womb as home, we grow up to think of our house and immediate neighbourhood as the entire world. 

Manu and Mia is the story of two siblings living in a small town where children still cycle to school; climbing trees and playing cricket are daily physical activities (not virtual ones) and where summer holidays are not spent in summer schools but the nature’s la

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