Maya Kalyanpur

After getting a Masters in English Literature, Maya quit her career as a lecturer at Delhi University to hone her skills in Advertising and Journalism. In her long stint as a columnist spread over thirty years, she wrote on a variety of subjects ranging from Travel, Parenting, Spirituality, Pop Culture and Humour for newspapers and magazines like the Japan Times, The Khaleej Times, Deccan Herald, The Times of India, Free Press Journal, Independent, Femina and Eves Weekly. While she drew inspiration for her debut novel The Bangle Seller from her travels to several cities in Rajasthan, in this novel, On the Crest of a Wave, she has highlighted the life and culture of a small fishing community off the coast of Chennai. This story also takes the reader through Sri Lanka and Australia.

Maya has lived in Japan and Dubai for several years and travelled extensively across Europe, not to forget cities, towns and villages in far flung corners of India. Her experiences of local cultures and flavours wend their way delightfully into her novels.


On the Crest of a Wave

Books by Maya Kalyanpur

This is a story about the life of a fishing community living off the coast of Chennai. The protagonist, Monty Selva, establishes contact with visiting Australian surfing instructors and becomes a coach himself. One day, a beautiful Australian girl, Ellena enters Monty’s life.

There is a disturbing episode in the village nearby which breaks Monty Selva emotionally. His bravado and presence of mind bring salvation to the people of the village and saves

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The Bangle Seller

Books by Maya Kalyanpur

The story focuses on a princely family. Rajiv and Radha are heirs of the family. Samantha, a soft spoken American girl has come to do a project on India and is their guest. Damien, a photographer is on an assignment on ancient Indian monuments.

Penny and Pitambar return to India after their marriage. Unhappy with the joint family system, Penny runs away to join a band of Gypsies as ‘Kajri’. Visiting a bangle seller’s stall, Samantha and Damien reco

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