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Maya Kalyanpur

Maya started her career as a lecturer in English at the Delhi University before settling in Mumbai to pursue a career in advertising. She has written on a wide variety of subjects for several newspapers and magazines like the Times of India, Deccan Herald, Free Press Journal, Independent, Femina, Care and Eve’s Weekly in her journalistic career spanning thirty years. Maya accompanied her husband to Japan where they were posted. While in Tokyo, Maya was a regular contributor to the Japan Times. Her husband’s next assignment took them to Dubai where Maya enjoyed a parallel career teaching English at a British international school, alongside being a weekly columnist for The Khaleej Times. On her return to India, she continued to write a column on parenting in the Times of India, Bangalore, under the title ‘Bringing them up.’ Widely travelled, Maya felt the need to assimilate and consolidate all her experiences in the form of a book. The Bangle Seller was thus born. Maya has been involved in voluntary social work and teaching underprivileged children. Besides, she is also a palmist and face reader. She believes in psychic phenomena and the power of the mind. Her other interests are painting, reading, philosophy, meditation and music.

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