Mayur Masrani

Mayur Masrani is an entrepreneur (www.BlissBasket.com, www.Paarking.com), technologist, avid reader, rich in life experiences, Mayur has gained a unique perspective on life from living in hostels for more than 10 years in his youth! Originally from Dhari, Gujarat, Mayur lives in Pune now. His hostel life however has taken him across various cities in India and introduced him to a different genre of people and many groups of friends. He has tried to revive the humor from his hostel days in the form of dialogue delivery to create an interesting yet genuine story about friendship, career, love and money with the theme of Bollywood. Life, Mayur says has taught him the basic philosophy, "Find humor in every situation and never overburden yourself with a problem, because it is all about perspective!" This is Mayur’s debut novel, written drawing from his fun-filled life experiences. Read More...

Blah Blah Bollywood

Books by Mayur Masrani

What would you do when it comes to taking a decision? Would you make it based on your heart or based on your mind?

What would you prefer – great money and a sure-shot career move or to tread into unconventional territory and risk it all?

Handsome young middle class boy Suraj has become famous overnight with a blockbuster debut movie. He has started living the high-profile life of a Bollywood star. He buys a huge apartment in exp

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