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Milind Sahasrabudhe

Business Coach, Speaker
Business Coach, Speaker

Milind is an engineer with a diploma in Business Management. He has over 20 years of working experience in various multinational companies in India and abroad.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has mentored many entrepreneurs to start new ventures. He is a ‘Certified Entrepreneur and Business Coach’, a ‘Business Consultant and Mentor’ and a successful author. His passion is to help people achieve financial success by educating them about money by making it simple. He strongly believes that anyone can succeed if they work on their passion. He has written extensively on entrepreneurship. His other books are Passion to Success, Uncommonly Common and Artha Satya (in the Marathi language).

With his vast experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial fields, Milind has come up with ‘5 Principles of Wealth’ following which anyone can achieve financial success. He is India’s first ‘Money-Minds Mentor’ and his vision is to help 1 crore (10 Million) people to achieve success by following these secret principles.

He is a health enthusiast and loves music and reading books. He can be reached via


Your Life Your Way

Books by Milind Sahasrabudhe

We are born to live a free and happy life. But we have been brought up with many misbeliefs that limit us from living a life worth living. People live a mediocre life by doing what they don’t enjoy just for the sake of money since we live on a ‘Financial Planet’. People think, “This is it. My life path is set.” They feel they cannot come out of it and so they must keep living the same way. This book tries to help them understand ways with which they

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