LT. Col. Dr. M. Mohan Kumar

Mohan Kumar Madhavan Nair was born in the thick of the Second World War, in Kerala. He comes from a remote village of sparkling streams and giant trees but being an army officer, was destined to travel throughout the country. For a person, at whom life has always thrown unexpected challenges, and who has received more brickbats than bouquets, writing came naturally. Colonel Mohan Kumar has published five novels and a collection of stories under his penname, Susruthan. His maiden attempt, Irattasarappam, was published in 1971 and was the first medical novel written in Malayalam.

 Dr. Kumar has presented several scientific papers at state and national dental conferences in addition to publishing articles in national and international journals. His opinions on significant current events have found the printer’s ink in national dailies. He has fought in two wars for India.

 He now stays at Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.


My Journeys through Healings

Books by LT. Col. Dr. M. Mohan Kumar

My Journeys through Healings is an incredible story of a soldier’s battles against triple maladies, starting with cancer.

Imagine if all of a sudden, the harmless polyps in the colon of a heart patient, who had undergone bypass surgery, turned out to be deadly cancer! Between possible death on the operation table and the consequences of a growing malignancy, the patient is left with no choice. Here he is now, minus ni

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