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Muskan Chanana

Muskan’s interest in poetry became conspicuous at the age of 12 when she wrote her first poem which was lauded both by her teachers at school, and was published in a newspaper and in a magazine in England. She believes in social upliftment, so all her poems hover around topics which range from terrorism to optimism and her unbridled love for Mother Nature. She is an avid sports lover. She is a three times national basketball player and has won many laurels. She was selected by Indian Government at the age of 15 to go to Japan under the Jenesys program. She composed a poem on the Indian and Japanese bond of friendship, which was highly appreciated by Japanese officials. She is a life member of the Red Cross Society and has actively participated in many blood donation camps and social activities. She has been excellent at academics too, having won many interschool competitions, both at the city and state level all her life.

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