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Myoho, is an aspiring writer and a poet, who is a Software Professional. Most of her writings are usually inspired by the day-to-day emotional connects of people. Her storytelling is captivating and real, and often an attempt to give a profound perspective to the issues that are considered unreal in society. She is a follower of Buddhism and believes in the 360-degree perspective of life. Music and the practice of Buddhism are the two driving forces of her writings. She says that writing with the flow of music is often like levitating with the mystic rhythm and manifesting her own world of enRead More...

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The question was, who was “she” and who am “I”? From her willing kiss to a girl to the confusing hookups. All were too much to take in. Perhaps, such deeds directly question our identity, it makes our hearts heavy especially when you have been in a relationship half of your life with a ‘so-called’ right gender. But you never know the truth until the day you savor with ultimate certainty, till then it will be a fictional tale of some far. far land.

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