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Naila was born on 2 March 1997 in Riyadh, KSA. She presently resides in Hyderabad and is pursuing her BE in IT. She mainly read storybooks and the English textbooks in her school as a child, which led her to develop a great interest for writing. She began to write short stories from the age of twelve. In the later years, she got addicted to writing when watching Hollywood movies gave her a lot more ideas. Though she stopped reading books, she dreamt of a life of adventure, action, thrill, fun and more. Knowing that these dreams are hard to be a reality, she began to pour them into each story sRead More...

The Teenage Spy

Books by Naila

Everybody loves to dream. They dream of becoming what they want. One such extraordinary dream was that of William Dunk. A teenager, living in North Bellwood, William Dunk aspires to become a spy. Growing up among spy novels and movies, he consequently loses his interest in his medical studies that his father Richard Dunk, a well Known businessman, had pushed him to do. His obsession for becoming a spy results in his expulsion from high school. His father loses

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