Nandita and Ramesh

Nandita Ramesh has done her master’s in Business Economics from Ethiraj College, Chennai. She worked for a few years in the corporate world, with the Citigroup, and then switched over to an area that was closer to her heart, being in the company of little children. She works for an International school for young children. She feels that the constant involvement and interaction with the young and innocent is a tonic in these troubled times. She loves to write. She has travelled widely within the country and abroad. She is a great admirer of activists who fight against many of the evils besetting our society. She has always wanted to fight along with them, if not in person, at least in spirit. These stories are her contributions towards the fight against the evils of our society. Her father retired from active service, helps her in her literary activities sharing ideas and building stories. He was instrumental in completing this book.

The Eleventh Avatar

Books by Nandita And Ramesh

This collection of stories is a work of fiction, which however, depicts the reality of life in India. The author has highlighted what she feels are facets of Indian life, which are blots on our national character. She hopes that these stories will influence the readers to fight against the evils of our society, which are not intrinsic, but have been created by greedy, corrupt and immoral people.

The Eleventh Avatar brings out the changes and transformations of Indian society as seen through the eyes of Lord Vishnu as he journeys through the erstwhile Bharatha Desham after a span of few thousands of years. It talks about his delight at some of the positive changes and at the same time his sorrow at the degradation of the moral fibre of the Indian society.

“The Girl on a Cycle” is a romantic story where the author brings out her conviction that the most important emotion is kindness. Every act of kindness has ripple effects. If kindness becomes the norm rather than the exception then we could bid adieu to strife.

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