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Navya Kiran

Navya Kiran is a 9-year-old creative girl. She was born on 3rd February 2013 in New Delhi. Reading, writing, drawing pictures, public speaking, playing the keyboard and coding are her favourite hobbies.   She loves to read adventurous and mysterious stories. Fiction writing and illustrating herself for the stories she has written is her passion. Just a Puff of Magic Powder, Series 1 is her first published book. She has carved her fiction ideas about the magical world in her own way.Read More...

Just a Puff of Magic Powder

Books by Navya Kiran

This book is about three best friends Ruhi, Kiara and Anoushka who are the owners of the Magical Powder. The powder was stolen from them by a boy named Neil, who is their classmate’s brother. This book is the journey to find out if the three friends will get the lost Magical Powder and protect it from getting into the wrong hands. It’s an interesting plot that combines both adventure and mystic character inside.

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