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Neeta Joshi, Isha Joshi

A mother and daughter author duo
A mother and daughter author duo

Neeta Joshi is a business entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the IT sector. Apart from deftly managing a firm, she has continued to follow her hobbies passionately. Reading, writing and travelling are just as close to her heart as her work in the IT industry. She has spent many of her quiet evenings reading a book or writing an anecdote that had a strong impression on her. So, when she travelled to Europe, she naturally penned down her experiences and her travels.    An architect by profession, Isha graduated from Dr. B.N. College of Architecture in 2020. Currently, she works aRead More...


Travelling Days in Europe

Books by Neeta Joshi, Isha Joshi

From the magnificent Alps of Switzerland to the vast, glittering Adriatic Sea of  Dubrovnik, marvel at the breathtaking beauty of nature.

From the feats of engineering to the charms of the idyllic towns, read about lasting impressions that the cities of Europe created on the writers. 

Be it the heights of the Eiffel Tower, the mountains of Ovčar Kablar of Serbia, the history of Sarajevo or the gushing waters of Rhine Falls, this travelogue wil

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