Neeta Thakur

Mumbai, India

Neeta Thakur is a law graduate from Mumbai University and she currently resides in Mumbai. She is interested in fashion designing and photography. She is a nature lover and is fond of gardening. She enjoys reading books and writing poems. A few things that give her immense joy, apart from writing, are yoga and fitness. She likes to travel to new places and spend time with her family.


This is a touching love story born out of the tender moments woven together and lovingly cherished in the hearts of three youngsters. Ruta is a young sensitive innocent girl with stars in her eyes, passionate about becoming a doctor. All of a sudden, life takes an interesting turn when Vivek enters her life. Vivek is a fiercely ambitious young man, who hopes to study MBA and join his father’s business in the US. Virendra, his father, has great plans for his son, and hopes to see him accomplish accolades, and help the business that he spent several years working hard to build. Everything seems on track but Virendra requires Vivek to make a choice – a difficult one at that. In the mi...

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