Neha Shukla Barretto


Neha Shukla Barretto 37 years old. Has overcome major medical conditions since childhood. She’s a graduate in English and being a romantic at heart, and with an extremely positive approach to life, she truely believes that love conquers all. She discovered her passion for writing over the years. She loves music and dancing and any form of art . She loves to write poetry and this is her first romance novel.Read More...


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Victor Maze

Books by Neha Shukla Barretto

Tina and Victor, two strangers, meet coincidently at the boxing club. They fall in love but Victor leaves the city and goes on to become a state champ. Life takes a sharp turn when an unprecedented event takes place. Will he ever find his love again? Read on to find out

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On a lonely land

By Neha Shukla Barretto in Poetry | Reads: 96 | Likes: 0

On lonely land not too far away  Where the birds moaned for a dear one who passed away Where the wind set the cornfields asway you would have known if you had stayed            Feeling lost was always my thing             Never found the right words to express, to sing             Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 09:31 AM

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