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Nitish Sharma

Nitish Bahalwala refers to himself as a miserable human who often feels detached from the universe. With these cons come some pros, and that is a unique vision of this complex system. 

Nitish believes that the world goes round and that humans are sliding into decadence. We are moving in a circular wheel of self-destructive knowledge, he says, as he shares the vision so that people pay attention to that which is very uncommon in this robotic world. 

The author is a student of medicine living in Belgorod (Russia) and has a unique worldview.  

He wants to take a step for Mankind through this manuscript. A motivational speaker and blogger with multilingual attributes, he is knowledgeable in advanced Psycho Sciences. Nitish was born in Haryana and completed his schooling in Bahal, a small village in that state.


The Chimera

Books by Nitish Sharma

Human beings are evolutionary creatures, born to survive even in adverse conditions. However, is the life we live perfect? Are we completely happy? What is this world, that seems not what it is? Not knowing “truth” or “reality,” humans tread the same path again and again, not learning from history.

The author has presented in this work, that is a unique combination of fiction and non-fiction, an overview of our present condition. The book will pa

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