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Nitish Bahalwala

Nitish Bahalwala, an ingenious ground-breaking philosopher, has found the key to this puzzle and has untangled the maze of the sexes. In this book, he sets out to chronicle this revelation, but are you listening? Feminatow explores the ideological differences between pseudo-feminism and MGTOW and how humans are digging their own graves.



Books by Dr. Nitish Bahalwala

Since the dawn of humankind, the human race has been stuck in the battle of the sexes. While the two were supposed to fit together to become one, they have devolved into a puzzle themselves. Once what was love, is now lovelorn, except it’s the entire human race. 

Will the two enemies realise they are more alike than they are different, that they were made for love, or will their hate-fuelled ego burn us down to an apocalypse beyond all imagination?

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The Chimera

Books by Nitish Sharma

Human beings are evolutionary creatures, born to survive even in adverse conditions. However, is the life we live perfect? Are we completely happy? What is this world, that seems not what it is? Not knowing “truth” or “reality,” humans tread the same path again and again, not learning from history.

The author has presented in this work, that is a unique combination of fiction and non-fiction, an overview of our present condition. The book will pa

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