Indie Author Championship #6

Nitish Choubey

Nitish Choubey is an artist from Bhopal. After earning a bachelor's degree in business administration from the Bhopal School of Social Sciences, he stepped into the film and television industry. For one of his short films, A Bitter Pill, he has received the title of ‘Best Supporting Actor’ from the L’age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival. Due to his special love for stories, Pahiye Zindagi Ke is the first book written by him while learning to live the stories as well as the art of narrating the stories. Apart from writing and acting, he also enjoys playing cricket. With the bleRead More...

पहिये ज़िन्दगी के

Books by नितीश चौबे

क्या आप बचपन में साइकिल को लेकर उत्साहित रहे हैं? या आप ने साइकिल पर सवार हो कर, अपने बचपन में कई क़िस्म के एडवेंचर जिए हैं? तो यह कहानी आपको समय के पहियों पर सवारी करवा, आपके यादों के

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