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Nivita Pavithran


Born and raised in the beautiful, busy city of Mumbai, Nivita pursues a career in media and advertising. While her choice of work has its own perks, it is no secret that the industry often brings with it long working hours. To therefore maintain her sanity, she finds time for herself to travel, paint and write poetry. Her father takes to writing too, and so did his father, so it’s just something that has always been with her. She began scribbling thoughts into rhymes when she was about 12 years old and today at 28 years, she looks forward to sharing her compilation through this book. Her insRead More...


Mulled Mind

Books by Nivita Pavithran

Mulled Mind is a compilation of poetries drawn from individual experiences and from people around who have innocently left a strong impression. Each poem comes with a touch of melancholy, which is more about a sense of calmness and stillness, allowing the reader to slow down and find resonance with each of the subjects.

Picked out from a rather scrambled set of thoughts, the book is a collection of perspectives that simply capture instances and people.

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