Dr. Pallavi kwatra

Pallavi is a lover of the divine. She epitomizes the spiritual seeker who cannot be satisfied by any mystical experience, however exalted it maybe. Her journey through material, emotional, intellectual and psychic aspects of life has led her to a natural blossoming of the heart. She has met many seekers and masters during her journey and learnt a whole lot of techniques and methods of entering within. Her journey through various traditions and cultures brought her to the timeless company of the saint of Arunachala – Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi. Nine months: From involution to evolution &nbsRead More...


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9 Months: From Involution to Evolution

Books by Dr. Pallavi Kwatra

Nine months:From involution to evolution is about a group of friends who get together from different parts of the world to try and find answers for questions that have been left unanswered for a long time. Intense discussions were held for over nine months which brought forth the age old wisdom, mixed with scientific ingredients and garnished with the practicality of modern times. This kaleidoscope of thoughts evolves into a perfect cocktail of scientific spi

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