Paramjeet Dahiya

Paramjeet Dahiya was born and brought up in Haryana. He completed his schooling in Haryana and later finished his graduation in mechanical engineering.

He started his career in the job like many others. And, he has been doing his job successfully for the last fourteen years. But soon, he found that doing job successfully with long term relationship and keeping head high is simple, but not EASY. He discovered certain principles, which gives a cutting edge to the employees to help them retain their job and deal with job situations powerfully.


During his job tenure, he has worked with multinational companies and, with growing companies also. To keep alive his passion to help others, he works as a consultant. He helped the candidates to understand their true potential. Paramjeet Dahiya is a futurist, who believes in human progress and helping people by LDTDTM cycle.


Successful Employee Guide

Books by Paramjeet Dahiya

What if, you can deal powerfully with every person, every situation in your job? Yes…you can deal powerfully, if you want to. I can guarantee it to you. I am inviting you to implement the ideas given in this book in your career. You will get the cutting edge, which will help you to keep ahead in cut-throat competition in job.

This book is for everyone, whether you are an employee or employer.

If you are an employee:

You will enjoy the full

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