Piyush Rohankar

Piyush Arun Rohankar is an Indian Civil Servant, Asst. Collector/SDM (Officer Trainee) in DANICS. “Narcissistic Romanticism” is his second Poem Book. His first Poem Book “Saint Hazel: Poems to a Maiden” was published in 2013 by a Penguin company. The poet has done his Engineering in Electronics and Communication from VNIT, Nagpur and MBA in Finance from SIBM, Bangalore. He has a band by the name, Nebula Quarantine for which he writes songs. He loves playing guitar, reading, watching movies and listening to songs and symphonies in his spare time. The Poet has been a Table Tennis champion back in SIBM, Bangalore and has represented his school in Giles Shield (U-14) and Harris Shield (U-16) Cricket tournament during his schooling days in Mumbai. You can check out the songs he wrote for his band on reverbnation.com/nebulaquarantine. The Poet would love to hear from his readers. You can reach him at piyush007enator@gmail.com or follow him on Facebook.

Narcissistic Romanticism

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This anthology of poems dive into the realms of dark mystic realism and celebrate the obsessive/possessive/compulsive passions that we all have but turn a blind eye to. Rohankar has imbibed a forcefulness that compels the reader to pause from the daily flux of chronos and inspect the dark revelry that unconsciously dictates and establishes the existing paradigms from an antithetical perspective.

The poem abides to the Elioton soul of free verse while subtly flirting with the Edgarion scepticism and pessimistic mysticism. Many of the poems adhere to the classic medieval romanticism but at the same time they foray into projected narcissism. These poems then capitulate the projected narcissism within the framework of God complex within the personification of a woman who is adored, worshiped and glorified. Every verse brutally decimates the societal constructs and embraces one’s psyche with all pervasive absolute darkness.

The mystic Sufi touch in the poems are not just borrowed principles but they reiterate the undercurrent of the fading reality of truth and increasing understanding of the absolute. Despite drawing so many parallels to the poems here and trying to summarise them in a verbalised manner, I would unflinchingly hold that this is impossible. The work stands on its own inexplicable organic unity and brings one closer to an intellectual orgasm and perhaps even absolute actualization of the prospects one dares not venture into.

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