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Ponn Asokan

Ponn Asokan’s ebook 500 Popping Questions and Rocking Answers on rock music of the 70s sold so well that he took to writing seriously. It led to his authoring three more ebooks: U S Army and Marine Fitness Secrets, Guidelines for American Pet Owners and Stories with a Twist.    Read More...

The Funny Man Who Was Also a Sailor

Books by Ponn Asokan

“Her complexion was as though she had been immersed in a mixture of one part whisky and three parts white wine. (Would she have tasted like the cocktail as well? I don’t know, sir.) Her eyes, nose, lips and ears had all had their own pretty little stories to tell. Together, the sum total told a gargantuan story. Her hair was darker than the road under her feet and was oozing out of her cap like a cascade of crude oil. Her figure was like that of a balloon

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