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Prachi Joshi Johar

From content creation and editing to brand development and training, Prachi Joshi Johar has worn many hats. She is the author of several books and board games for children between four and fourteen years of age. But what she likes best is to be a wordsmith. While she gives vent to that passion in the real world as a communication specialist with an IT company, her poetry is her gateway to the surreal. And she has reason to believe that from tiny little leaves to colossal mountains, and from little crevices to the gaping holes in the heart, there is a poem hidden everywhere, and all tRead More...

Of Desires, Dilemmas and Divinity

Books by Prachi Joshi Johar

Gentle breezes of dreams, gales of lust, and storms of predicament blow across the black dottings on white throughout this collection. And all of them, irrespective of their strength of intensity, shall fan the soul to find a resonance with each beating heart. It is a soliloquy of unfulfilled passion and an uninhibited celebration of the tossing of human mind in all its nebulous glory. This work is a journey of seeking and satiation, of inertia and its implodi

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