Prasanna Ratanjankar

Meet Prasanna Ratanjankar, a full-time communications professional and a part-time dreamer – because, let’s face it, dreaming is a demanding gig. From her humble beginnings as a five-year-old bookworm, thanks to an uncle with a knack for gift-giving, Prasanna embarked on a lifelong romance with literature. ‘The World’s Greatest Story Book’ became her gateway drug to fairy tales, and rumour has it, it still holds a place of honour in her collection. As she navigated the treacherous waters of growing up, Prasanna’s love for stories evolved into a deep and nuanced reading habit. AlongRead More...


Love Under The Spotlight

Books by Prasanna Ratanjankar

In the heart of Bollywood’s glitz and the lively streets of Mumbai, “Love Under The Spotlight” plunges readers into the thrilling romance between Zeel Kapoor and Advait Chitre—a love story that rides the highs of fame and stumbles through the lows of passion.

Meet Zeel Kapoor, the brainy and reserved daughter of Bollywood legends. She’d choose the quiet buzz of classrooms over the blinding camera flashes any day. Zeel tries to keep life normal

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