Preeti Chhabdiya

Kohinoor ki Jadui Yatraye is Preeti Chhabdiya’s first book. She has been interested in writing since the age of fourteen. Her articles have been published in some of the leading newspapers of India. She has the ability to change fabrication into reality. This book is a reflection of her life's experiences. "I am glad that a renowned company like Notion Press is publishing my book with fervor. I believe that it will be useful for my readers and that they will absorb the content with enthusiasm." Read More...


Kohinoor Ke Jadui Yatraye

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The message of Kohinoor ki Jadui Yatraye is one of bravery. They are important traits that can make the impossible possible. Bravery and wisdom also help achieve success. If anyone uses their willpower and wisdom then that person can achieve enough to become an inspiration for others. Spells are not only way to create magic, our thoughts can too.

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