Puneet Pathak

Puneet Pathak is a serving Indian Forest Service officer of 1988 batch, presently serving as Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests at Bengaluru.

Born on 20th February 1962 at Bijnor in UP, he did his graduation and Post-Graduation in Botany from Allahabad University where he topped in his class. While studying there some 40 years back he started dabbling into poetry in Hindi and English. He has penned a large number of poems starting from Dohas to long poems on a variety of subjects like Spirituality, theology, Nature and subjects of day to day nature. His works are in Hindi with a fair amount of sprinkling of Hindustani and Urdu language. Being in a job which allows him to observe forests and wildlife and various other elements of nature from a close quarter, these elements have provided wings to his imagination and have become essential ingredients in his poetry. As can be seen from his literature, he believes in keeping his poetry simple without using difficult words. He is able to convey very deep things in very simple terms. His language has a sprinkling of Urdu words. He is not fanatic about the rules of poetry. He writes for his self- satisfaction and is not afraid to break out of the shackles of grammar.

This is his first book which is a collection of about 315 Dohas on various subjects of spiritual and theological nature, the Guru, parents, Soul, morality, trees, and Love. All Dohas are very appealing and written in simple Hindi language.


नींव का पत्थर

Books by पुनीत पाठक

दोहे मध्यकालीन युग से ही हिंदी कवियों की एक प्रिय विधा रही है। हम सभी बचपन से ही कबीर, तुलसी, बिहारी, रसखान तथा गुरु नानक आदि के दोहे पढ़कर अभिभूत होते रहे हैं। यह पुस्तक कवि द्वारा

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