R.S. Rajagopal Sastry & Sujitha Arvind

R.S. Rajagopal Sastry Raja, while he was still trying to understand his teenage self, became a soldier in the Indian Air Force. His eleven years as a soldier made him travel across the diaspora of the country, while he pursued his education and became an avid sportsman, even representing his basketball team. He left the Air Force before his term to make a start in the corporate world in which he handled diverse functions, quickly growing to be a Chief Financial Officer of a large technology major. He deftly handled his corporate commitments, always excelling, while he never compromised his phyRead More...


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40 Alarms @ 4am

Books by R.S. Rajagopal Sastry & Sujitha Arvind

Find yourself in this tale of Joan, a Nursing Officer from the US Army, as she travels across geographies and entwines herself in the rich culture of a land not her own.

This is the story where she finds the elusive peace and solace through the people of this land, whose native intelligence make it simple and natural.

It is a story of people trying to find a purpose to pursue as they realise that they possibly are trying to fill emptiness with empt

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Mystical Healer

Books by Sujitha Arvind

As a river flows, meandering through many lands, Sujitha’s story flows fast and furiously through the pages and through our senses. The lush tale of Maya–Janwi, who has a chance for a wondrous new life and opportunity is what all women dream of. Written as a page turner, but never forgetting the supple spine of a woman’s world, this is a mature novel from a writer who has etched physical shapes as an architect and is now designing stories for our inner s

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