Radhika Giridharan & Vidya Nagaraj

Radhika Giridharan

Radhika Giridharan is a graduate in English literature and Journalism from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. Radhika is an ardent reader of various types of literature. She has lived in Muscat and Nigeria and currently lives in Bangalore.

Vidya Nagaraj

Vidya Nagaraj graduated from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. After graduation, computers came calling and she pursued her education in the field of computer science. She has a career spanning 20+ years in the IT Industry. Reading and writing have always interested Vidya. 

Vidya and Radhika are sisters and have collaborated and written this novel together. They have drawn inspiration from their journalist grandfather Naradar Srinivasa Rao.



Books by Radhika Giridharan & Vidya Nagaraj

When a marriage proposal from a much married 30 year old Raghavenrda for 12 year old Krishnaa comes knocking on the door of Gundappa Chowltry, life takes on a dramatic turn for Krishnaa. An official bride-seeing ceremony and a quick peek at the bridegroom seals things and before long Krishnaa finds herself embarking on her new journey with her new husband-a man she barely knows, to the temple town of Kumbakonam. What lies in store

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