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Ragav Devanathan

Ragav Devanathan has been a corporate leader and entrepreneur. With more than two decades of work experience, the author has successfully held roles across consulting, technology, marketing and operations. A common thread across his career has been coaching and mentoring young adults and helping them succeed in their roles and careers.

The popular saying goes that if you have the right career, you do not work a single day in your life, because you are too busy having fun at work. This book is born out of his conviction that with the right framework and tools, it is possible to empower young adults to find the right careers for themselves – ones that fit their personality and skills, ones that they will enjoy, and therefore excel at.


My Career, My Way!

Books by Ragav Devanathan

Young adults today face a career challenge, unlike any other generation in the past. Research shows that about half of the graduates in India are not job ready. This is a result of our somewhat outdated and pedantic system of education with a high focus on memory and marks, while most careers demand application of concepts and practical problem-solving skills. For those who are on the cusp of embarking on their careers, or thinking about what career they shoul

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