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Ranjana Vaidya

Ranjana was born and brought up in the city of Banaras. She is a postgraduate from Banaras Hindu University. Ranjana comes from a middle class family, and spends most of her time thinking about life and other philosophical matters. She loves painting and writing and at the same time enjoys reading a book. This book, "Jeevan ki Goonj" is her first book. Ranjana currently lives in the US. Apart from writing, she enjoys travelling, reading and cooking.Read More...

जीवन की गूँज

Books by रंजना वैद्य

' जीवन की गूँज" कुछ कविताओं का संकलन है। इन कविताओं की प्रत्येक पंक्ति जीवन के विभिन्न स्तरो को परिभाषित करती है। मानव प्रकृति की जटिलता के भीतर छिपे हुये तथ्य कविताओं में उद्धघट

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